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Advduo is an advertising source with referral based income paid directly to members. It is a smashing site with great features, including text, banner, and login advertising to promote any business you want. Add to that the low cost joining fee, and multiple payments to members and we say WINNER! 

Yes, you really can join this program for 50 cents and you can also "pay it forward" by paying for your members to join if they absolutely don't have 50 cents. What you get for your 50 cents? A Rotator that you can use for your websites. 

About us


We Are Experienced Marketers. We Are The Early Birds.

Let us put our combined experience together for you and for

your teams. 

We value our Membership, and the "Trust" that people have for our guidance and expertise. We don't claim to know it all, but we do show our back offices, create videos, answer questions, and search for resources and traffic sites that helps us grow our buisness. 

Our programs may change. We adapt and remain open to new opportuntinies knowing that timing is everything

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My Viral Links is for advertising and a downline builder for those who are looking for both free and paid advertising sources. Great selection of income generating tools and advertising. Add your own referral links into our programs and earn even more. 

We Choose Real Offers, Products & Services

We Provide Support & Training     

We Have Free & Paid Advertising 

You Get Paid

Let's Multiply Continues to Pay Us and Many of Our Members Love to Promote it.

Member To Member Instant Payments

Hits Monkey Still Gets Us Emails for Our Lists 

Great list building tool  btc income stream and masses of  info on bitcoin should not pass this  one :-)

PMS has been around and proven itself

as a great training tool and income source for new marketers. Check it out.